Gadgetboard products

Sorry, I'm out of stock of assembled boards and board parts.
Payment: I can accept credit and debit cards via Paypal. You don't have to have a Paypal account to order.

Notice: I'm not actually an electrical engineer. This is a hobby for me, and although people have been very happy with their Gadgetboards, I can't guarantee that the design meets any particular standards. By purchasing any products from me, you assert that you are qualified to evaluate for yourself whether the Gadgetboard is suitable for your needs, that you will use the Gadgetboard at your own risk, and that you will hold me harmless for any damages associated with use of a Gadgetboard for any purpose.

Blank PCBs: $17 + $7 S&H.

Special offers:

Contact information: Contact me via email at gadgets at if you have any questions or want to discuss international orders.